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Spotlight on an Artist

This page is dedicated to artists of interest.  It will be a mixture of contemporary artists and some of the trusted great masters who have influenced and inspired me in my work.

Andrew Gifford b.1970

Andrew Gifford is recognised as one of the most innovative landscape painters working today.  I have been following his career for over ten years and his paintings still take my breath away when I attend one of his shows.  I would most probably donate my right arm to spend a day painting with this man, but that would be stupid seeing as I am right handed.....


His latest exhibition comprised of paintings of London.  My favourite painter painting my beloved city.  I deliberately didn't see this show for fear of being seduced and bankrupting myself.  


What I admire most about Gifford's work is how he sees and portrays light through his use of colour.  He works very quickly, in situ with about 5 primed panels in front of him.  He paints the same location at varying degrees of light change.  He uses these panels as studies for his larger canvas paintings which he completes in his studio.


My beautiful and fearless niece walked up to Gifford at the last show we attended, introduced herself and then shoved me right infront of him saying "oh, my auntie is also an artist".  I blushed an uncomfortable shade of psychedelic purple, broke out into a particularly unfetching sweat and almost fell over, but he was gracious enough to chat with me and discuss his methods in his work.  He is as passionate about what he does as I had hoped he would be.  It was a pleasure to meet him.  


He is represented by John Martin gallery in London.


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